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A large number of businesses will keep a solicitor on retainer. This is to help protect them from unwanted legal issues, often in the employment or legislation areas that can represent "choppy waters".

At Evolve, we do not hold law degrees or pretend to be experts in employment law, What we do have is expertise in is all things supply chain.

As a small, privately-owned company, we understand that not all businesses can support highly paid "experts" to manage each department.

We can fill a void in the supply chain area by providing support to smaller businesses.

The average salary for a supply chain Manager is circa 150k, this is a big commitment for a small business.

Evolve have the answer.

We can provide services on a regular basis to your company, and as we are not employees of your business, our time is all that you are charged for.

We would build an understanding of your operations which will allow us to support you in the following areas

  • Attend high-level operational meetings with your customers in support or on your behalf, this allows decisions to be discussed in real-time and does not result in commitments being made that will stretch your supply chain.

  • Weekly / Monthly business reviews, both internally or external including any analysis documentation and presentations

  • Represent your operational functions in board meetings, answer those tricky questions 

  • Ongoing development of your junior operational staff to ensure you have the best supply chain leaders growing with your business.

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